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POLKA is proud to offer the finest pita bread machines to bakeries around the world. A quality unit can provide your company with many years of reliable service. These machines are capable of meeting demanding production goals. For example, our fully automated pita bread machine is capable of producing 16,000 pitas in an hour!

Would you like to upgrade your bakery?
Looking for the best Pita bread machines?
Tasty Pita bread and amazing flat bread?



Customer Service for Pita Bread Making Machines

Each customer has a specific set of needs. We provide a variety of solutions, so it is important to understand the requirements of every customer. Our skilled customer service representatives are always available to discuss your concerns, and our follow-up support team ensures that every pita bread making machine is in working order.

Premium Pita Bread Machines

A high-quality pita bread machine is practically a work of art, and our company has been leading this industry since 1957. Our high-temperature tunnel ovens and flat bread ovens produce tasty and consistent pita bread, which has continued to delight customers and business owners over the years. Reliability is a key to customer satisfaction, so we strive to modernize our equipment and service processes on an ongoing basis.


Servicing a Pita Bread Machine

Our generous service plans represent one of the most important aspects of our pita bread machines. We have a diverse customer base around the world, and we are proud to offer comprehensive support for any pita bread machine. We provide exceptional customer service to clients with big projects in disparate regions. Our commitment to quality exists well after you purchase one of our fine pita bread machines.

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