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Flat breads of all types have gained significant attention and supermarket shelf space in the past few years due to concerns about gluten, people cutting down on carbs and the historical significance of flat breads that were the first types of bread used by civilized people. Today, dozens of varieties of flat breads offer unique flavorings, different grains, low-carb options and signature shapes. Our flat bread bakery equipment opens a new line of marketing possibilities that targets hungry shoppers, calorie-conscious dieters and people looking for alternatives to bland, chemical-laden breads.

Flat Bread Bakery Diversifies Your Marketing Options



A Partner for the Way You Do Business

Our company has provided flat bread bakery equipment since 1957, and as every master baker knows, there's no substitute for experience where baking is concerned. Our manufacturing methods ensure that our equipment meets current and evolving culinary standards. Equipment choices offer your operation the following capabilities:

  • Automatic pita bread production of up to 16,000 pitas per hour

  • Manual flat breads up to 25,000 per hour

  • Specialization and adaptability for your signature line of flat breads

  • Great customer service, technology upgrades and engineered solutions to meet future standards and capitalize on exciting food trends


Unparalleled Technical Support for Your Flat Bread Bakery Operation

Our technical support and personal service help your company or organization meet your production goals for delivering unleavened or minimally leavened breads with the best flat bread bakery equipment. Our modern equipment delivers tasty pitas, tortillas, focaccia, naan, roti and other ethnic specialty breads to diversify your sales and marketing options.

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