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Our company has been a leader in the pita bread oven industry since 1957. A fine pairing of professional experience and modern technology combines together to bring our customers the highest quality pita ovens available. We have refined the methods of producing and delivering tasty pita, and every pita oven is designed to provide years of reliable production.

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High-Quality Pita Bread Oven

The automated pita bread oven is an amazing invention that is capable of generating 16,000 pitas every hour. Compared to the manual flat bread units, which deliver 2,500 pitas per hour, the automated units demonstrate a remarkable capacity for production.

A Global Pita Oven

POLKA provides high-temperature tunnel ovens and pita ovens to customers around the world. Every unit is manufactured according to the highest industry standards, and there are multiple designs available to meet specific needs. The globalized pita market allows our premium products to be enjoyed by people in various regions. Companies can standardize their menus by delivering reliable pita products to their customers every time.

Service and Support

POLKA manufactures and provides ongoing support for all of our products. Every pita bread oven is a modern piece of equipment, which is designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance costs. However, if you needs support for any product, it is easy to get in touch with our professional service team. It has never been easier or more convenient to obtain a high-quality pita oven with the capacity to meet all of your production goals.

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Pita Bread Oven