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POLKA pita bread equipment delivers decades of manufacturing experience that has positioned our company as a world leader in the bakery equipment business. We've created a variety of bakery machinery since 1957, and with our commitment to first-rate service, we can tailor ovens and other machinery to meet your unique requirements.

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Pita Bread Bakery Equipment (Ovens)

POLKA offers both manual pita bread equipment and machinery to operate a fully automated bakery line. Our available manual equipment includes spiral mixers, dough rounders and flour sifters as well as proofing and cooling racks. With the manual tunnel ovens we supply, you can make as many as 2,500 pieces of pita bread each hour.

Our automated line includes spiral mixers; equipment to lift, feed and round the pita dough; conveyors for first and second proofing; flattening machines; and tunnel ovens that, with the rest of the automated line, can create up to 16,000 pieces of pita bread each hour.

Quality and Experience

We manufacture modern pita bread equipment of the highest quality that incorporates the latest technological innovations. Bakeries of all sizes around the world know and respect our exceptional, efficient ovens, and we regularly fill orders globally for large projects.

Customer Service

POLKA has remained in business for more than half a century because we are dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding service. Our professionalism, design variety and customized solutions earn us the highest praise, and you can trust that our pita bread bakery equipment produces mouthwatering pita bread that your customers will love.

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pita bread bakery equipment

pita bread bakery equipment