Flat Bread Oven

Pita Bread Machine

> Would you like to upgrade your bakery?
> Looking for the best flat bread ovens in the world?
> Amazing flat bread (so tasty) and great Pita bread?

We offer the best flat bread ovens in the world! With over half a century's worth of experience crafting high-temperature bakery equipment, POLKA ltd. has what it takes to provide novel solutions to top players in the food services industry. Our traditional flat bread oven models and automated line machines have been creating delicious pitas with a gentle touch since 1957, and we offer the wide range of customer service that modern firms need to keep their production running smoothly.

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Flat Bread in the Making! (view now)

Flat Bread Automatic Production line – step by step (01:42)

Perfecting the Pita Oven

We devote ample time and effort to what we do. Before any flat bread machine passes through our doors, it receives the benefit of hundreds of hours of design, engineering, testing and fine tuning.

Manufacturing Made to Order

We're proud to apply our expertise on your behalf. It doesn't matter whether you require one of our automated flat bread oven models that can crank out 16,000 perfect pitas per hour or a lower-key manual solution; we'll provide a bespoke option that makes it easy to reach and maintain your operating goals no matter what they are.

Complete Customer Support

Decades of engineering practice have given us the ability to offer flat bread oven devices and accompanying service plans that ensure your operations remain as efficient as possible. We're conversant with local and regional regulations, so we're wholly prepared to help you keep your POLKA flat bread machine in top shape for inspectors.

As a worldwide leader in pita bread bakery equipment, we're certain that one of our flat bread machine setups will meet your unique needs. Discover how we combine cutting edge technology with a love for our craft by contacting us soon.

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