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> Would you like to build a new Pita bread bakery?
> Upgrade an existing bakery?

> Looking for the best Pita bread ovens in the world? (amazing bread)

We offer the best Pita bread bakery Equipment!
POLKA ltd. has been manufacturing flat pita bread bakery machinery & high temperature tunnel ovens since 1957.

The company established it self as a world wide leader & expert in the field of flat pita bread production system's.

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How does a Pita bread bakery looks like? watch now (01:42)

POLKA machinery are manufactured Taylor made there for will satisfy precisely your own requirements.
The full automatic pita bread line can produce up to 16,000 pitas per hour.
The manual flat bread machineries can deliver up to 2,500 pieces per hour.
POLKA tunnel ovens are recognized as the most modern & efficient equipment available & can be obtained world wide.

Pita Bakery Equipment – Since 1957

POLKA special manufacturing methods, coupled with decades of impeccable performance assure you the highest reliability.
Professional approach & a variety of designs & engineered solutions give you the highest quality.
Personal support and specialization, together with our continued attention to future standards & up to the minute technology

combine to offer you the very best in machinery & services.

POLKA ltd – flat / pita bread bakery machines
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